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Merry CHRISTmas to us!


These beautiful bowls make theee perfect CHRIST•mas statement, but don’t limit yourself to one season…these are beautiful in your home all year round. Simply refill once your candle is gone for year-round joy!


Our hand-carved tree dough bowls measure 8-9W x 12-13L (includes handle) x 1-1.5D inches.


NOTE: Please understand that these farmhouse trees are a natural handmade product and will never be perfect. That is what makes them rustic and beautiful…just like you! Tone, smoothness, shape etc, all rustic so they will vary from each other.



Apple Orchard

Apple + Maple + Bourbon



Christmas Morning

Eucalyptus + Cypress + Bayberry + Fir + Patchouli



Ginger Snap

Ginger + Cinnamon + Clove + Nutmeg + Almond + Molasses + Sugar




Peppercorn + Black Cardamon + Cream + Cinnamon



Peppermint Mocha

Peppermint + Chocolate + Vanilla




Cranberry + Red Currant + Cinnamon + Fir + Pine + Vanilla + Black Currant



Ooey + Gooey

Caramelized Sugar + Sea Salt + Brown Sugar + Pecan + Hazelnut + Butter + Caramel + Tonka Bean + Vanilla



Suga Momma

Caramelized Sugar + Coconut + Custard + Rum + Vanilla + Maple


Sweet Old Fashioned

Oak + Butterscotch + Bourbon 

CHRIST•mas Tree Dough Bowl

Trees will be available after Christmas

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