Forget Me Not is a sophisticated, refreshing and complex scent that will instantly brighten up your home with its equally fruity and earthy combinations; ideal for entryways, kitchens and common areas.  


Grapefruit will instantly attract you with it's super refreshing and tangy notes inhanced with the aroma of garden-fresh mint.  Hints of lavender and rhubarb add depth and complexity to this fresh fragrance.  Citrus essential oils enhance this bold scent, while mint, thyme and bergamot essential oils give it an herbal counter to the punchy, juicy grapefruit. 


Scents that evoke memories is the "why" behind Oliva Dawn Candles, and Forget Me Not is the perfect example of that why.  We dedicate this candle to our beloved Mother, Pam, and give a pinkies-up nod to her love of tea parties, grapefruit and to the "Forget Me Not" flowers that appeared in our backyard days after her passing.  

Forget Me Not

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Forget me Not
$12.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • Note Profile:
    Top: Grapefruit, Rhubarb, Mint
    Middle: Lavender, Rose, Apple
    Base: Vanilla


    • 8 oz. Typical burn time is 40+ hours
    • Made from 100% natural soy wax with premium cotton wicks and Certified Clean Scents fragrance oils
    • Non-toxic and contain no lead, plastics, paraben, synthetic dyes or phthalates
  • To maintain the quality of our candles, and to avoid them sitting in a hot warehouse over the weekend, our shipping days will be Monday - Wednesday.