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Let’s be real…making friends as adults is hard. It’s awkward. It’s embarrassing and nothing brings out your inner insecurities more than trying to figure out if someone is your people, if you belong at the same table with them or if they will accept you with your messy bun, sweatpants and a sink full of dishes.


But staying in our little bubbles, waiting for and hoping our bestie will find us is probably not going to happen, so we’ve created Be FRIENDSHIP FOCUSed.


A candle line with acts of kindness prompts that help you step out of your comfort zone, take the first step and start making connections with new friends or reminders to help you grow the ones you already have.


When we put others first, we can slowly change the world around us, deepen our friendships and who knows, maybe find that bestie your heart has been longing for all along.


Be FRIENDSHIP FOCUSed candles make a perfect gift for you or a loved one! The goal? To complete the act of kindness before your candle is gone.


Best Friend

Patchouli | Sandalwood | Amber


Apricot | Pear | Nectarine

Date Night

Amaretto | Balsam | Musk


Desert Flower

Agave | Chrysanthemum | Patchouli 


Peppercorn | Black Cardamon | Cream

For this Moment

Plum | Black Cherry | Freesia

Forget me Not

Grapefruit | Mint | Lavender 


Girl's Night In

Lemon Verbena | Champagne | Mimosa


Grandma's Hug

Cotton | Jasmine | Cedarwood


Green Gables

Apple | Cinnamon | Vanilla


Eucalyptus | Blackberry | Basil

I Fig you Not

Green Floral | Fig | Jasmine

Lavender Fields

Bergamot | Lavender | Cedar


Midnight Garden

Pear | Agave | Powder

Midsummer Night

Honeysuckle + Jasmine + Powder + Lemon + Violet

Moss Landing

Sage | Oakmoss | Amber


Mystery Waters

Sea Salt | Cardamom | Amber


Never Too Late

Patchouli | Sandalwood | Amber



Cranberry | Green Leaves | Pine


Perfect Blend

Caramel | Cacao | Coffee


Perfectly Imperfect

Pink Peppercorn | Black Rose | Patchouli



Camphor | Dark Musk | Cedar



Pear | Brandy | Cinnamon

Spa Day

Sea Salt | Jasmine | Tonka Bean


Spicy Sunflower

Chili Peppers | Orange | Guava



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