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The Central Valley's Hottest New Night Out!!


Candle Workshops

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oliva dawn candles

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All Natural Soy Candles + Body Care + Home luxuries

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Be a friend today!

Not sure how to be?
Our random acts of kindness candles, help you out and give you ideas!

Each candle is named after an act of kindness. 

the goal: to complete the act of kindness before your candle is gone!

so friends, are you ready to
be a friend today? 

Naturally Simple


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Butterfly Rewards


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Our balms and butters are made simply with all-natural, organic ingredients such as shea butter, goats milk, coconut oil, essential oils and dried botanicals. All ingredients that can be found in nature so you can enjoy a fresh natural clean without harming your skin.  You want to feel good about what you put into your body, and we do too. We know you care, and we care about you!

Nature inspired

Scented Candles

Did you know that soy wax is actually made from soybeans?! Not only is soy wax a natural and renewable source, but it's a non-toxic vegetable base that burns with zero petro-carbon soot and lasts 30-50% longer than paraffin wax candles.  It's good for the environment and it lasts longer! Now that's a win-win in our book! Oh, and did we mention that our all natural cotton-wicks allow for a cleaner, even burn with no soot!  Unlike commercial candles, our candles won't leave a wasteful ring of wax around the jar. 

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Paper Packaging

Looking for that perfect gift but don't know what they will like? 





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