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If you are an OG Candle of the Month Subscriber, than this is for you, and only you, to update the way you receive your subscription.


We are so thrilled and humbled that you love your Candle of the Month subscription!! We totally understand that life happens and sometimes the original way of delivery no longer works!


Because the subscription price has gone up, I created this private subscription page just for you to make sure you receive the original price!


Simply check out as you did originally, but this time choose the new way you would prefer to receive your candle. Make sure you cancel your original subscription so you are not double charged.


Also, I recommend canceling and resigning up around the same time as the original subscription so you’re not double charged in the same month.


As always…Cancel anytime, there's no strings attached.


Candles will be shipped out, available for pick-up or delivered on, or around, the 15th of each month. Subscriptions joined after the 18th of each month will receive their first subscription the following month. ie: if you sign up on May 18th, your first subscription will be in June, etc. Please email with any questions! :)


Lastly, if you are a NEW subscriber and sign-up through this link in particular, your subscription will be cancelled and you will be contacted with appropriate link.


Thank you so much!!

Candle of the Month - Delivery Update

Opciones de precios
Candle of the Month
Subscribe and Save 15%
12,75$cada mes hasta que se cancele

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